Registration for our Young Apprentice Construction Club after-school program opens as early as August 04, 2023 for the 23-24 school year. Some schools may open registration sooner than others. This is completely up to each respective school Principal. Feel free to email us for the latest information as to when enrollment is expected to open in the school of your interest. Regardless of when registration begins, however, we do expect all of our school’s first club meetings to fall within the week of August 28, 2023.

For more info, please email us at: info@toolbox.LIFE, and be sure to indicate the name of the school your question is related to. Thank you.

*Toolbox, Inc. is a 100% volunteer-based organization. All parties associated with Toolbox, Inc. are therefore unpaid and receive no monies for the volunteer services rendered. Furthermore, Toolbox, Inc. charges no fee whatsoever for these services; its services are free to K-12 schools and all of their students, as are the use of all equipment furnished and all project materials provided.