Executive Management Team

Vice Volunteer (VV): Ken Briggs

Originally from Detroit and now living in Ball Ground, GA, I have spent 43 years in the heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. I’m returned now and do woodworking and thing Tiny House construction projects with my son. I’ve always worked with my hands and think people need to find their passion for the skills they have.  Toolbox is a way for kids to experience the creative side of woodworking and construction. It’s so fun to watch the kids succeed at even the small tasks along the way.

Vice Volunteer (VV): Steve Morgan

When Jim Owen, a fellow Roswell Presbyterian Church member told me about a children’s construction skills class, I was excited to get involved in Toolbox. Growing up I loved using my hands to take things apart and to build things. I had a shop class and a drafting class in my teen years, and I learned key skills to build things and to design and draw home construction plans.  Plus, I learned how to use various hand tools and power tools. These experiences provided me with a strong foundation on how things are made and built. Toolbox reminds me of those years and how excited I was learning these basic skills and what I could accomplish with my hands and mind. I want the students to experience this same excitement when creating and building and learning new skills that will last them a lifetime. Toolbox provides these new skills and expands students’ knowledge in a fun format, and it is exciting to see the students achieve these when completing various Toolbox projects.

Vice Volunteer (VV): Jim Owen

When Toolbox founder J Prothero approached me about getting involved with Toolbox I was hesitant but very interested to learn more. Having recently retired from a 40 plus year career in Information Technology I was moving into the next phase of my life and looking to make a difference in the community. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and working with kids so Toolbox was a great fit. In my early 20s I worked a few years for a home remodeling company so I learned basic skills in building and construction. These skills have helped me my entire life and I am thrilled to share these skills with the students. I find it very satisfying to see the students work hard and complete a construction project. Besides learning new skills, Toolbox teaches the kids discipline, hard work, and teamwork. Toolbox provides new skills that will last the students a lifetime and I’m excited to be a part of that.

Vice Volunteer (VV): John Ross

I am a retired Lockheed Engineer, Navy Pilot, and Scoutmaster. I direct a team of very knowledgeable Volunteer Project Managers (VPM) that assist me with every club meeting. I have been learning construction skills since a young child as well as working alongside contractor teams doing major renovations. I enjoy working with youth and offering them an opportunity to learn hands-on life skills that have served me well in life. These skills not only include safe woodworking tool usage but also how to work with a peer and to be an effective member of a work crew. We all gain great satisfaction by learning to build projects with our hands that we find useful in life.

Vice Volunteer (VV): Bob Scott

He’s a woodworker and volunteer. Working with Toolbox since 2018 has been a life’s reward. Helping our youngest generation learn new things beyond the three R’s has been exceptionally rewarding. Experiencing their reaction to the completion of the projects and the pride they take in “Making and Completing” a project is deeply rewarding for me.

Thank you “Toolbox” for letting me to be part of this program.

Chief Volunteer of Elementary Education (CVEE): Marcia Mika

I always wanted to teach. I began my teaching career in third grade in Montgomery County, Maryland. While teaching, I attended Western Maryland College and received my Master’s Degree in Reading. This began a 43-year love of teaching. I taught 31 years in Montgomery County, and 12 years in Fulton County. I retired in 2013. I then substituted for two years in Fulton County. I began to look for volunteer opportunities. When Jay Prothero called and told me about a vision he had for teaching children construction skills, I was doubtful I could be of any help. I told him that I knew nothing about building and he responded, “True, but you know kids.” While building and constructing, the children are not only learning with their hands, but with their minds. It is amazing to see the growth and skills that these students achieve. And…..I have learned a thing or two myself!

Chief Volunteer of Translations / Spanish (CVT): Clara Montoya

Clara was born and raised in Colombia. She has a degree in Civil Engineering and worked in various roles for an insurance Company before moving with her husband to the United States in 1999. In 2011, she graduated from the Translation and Interpretation Program at Georgia State University, and later obtained her ATA Certification and became a Certified Court Interpreter. Clara also loves to teach, and in addition to teaching English to elementary kids back in Colombia has taught Spanish to adults in the U.S. She enjoys tennis, photography, crochet, and other crafts.

Clara and Juan Carlos, her husband of 22 years, have one son, Nicolas, who is now a senior at GA Tech. She is very happy to cooperate with Toolbox in improving levels of satisfaction and optimism in young students through building with their hands. Clara’s varied experiences will be put to good use as she assists Toolbox with portions of the instructional video library.

Chief Volunteer Webmaster (CVWM): Effie White

I am Media and Marketing Manager with almost two decades of experience writing, engaging, building and designing in the online space. Although my tools are digital, I am no less dedicated to my craft than those who build in the physical world.

I first learned about Toolbox when I signed up my son for the Young Apprentice Construction Club. As a parent volunteer, I got to see firsthand the joy and pride of the children as they built their projects with their own hands.

I believe that education should be adaptive and accessible to students regardless of income or zip code. I am excited to be a part of the Toolbox team because it offers free, hands-on, real-world education and experience to children, many of whom may otherwise not have such an opportunity.