Vickery Mill Elementary

Adopted by the good people from:
Roswell United Methodist Church

Volunteer Curriculum Instructor (VCI):  John Ross

As the Volunteer Curriculum Instructor (VCI) I am responsible for all aspects of the Young Apprentice Construction Club at Sweet Apple Elementary. I am a retired Lockheed Engineer, Navy Pilot, and Scoutmaster. I direct a team of very knowledgeable Volunteer Project Managers (VPM) that assist me with every club meeting. I have been learning construction skills since a young child as well as working alongside contractor teams doing major renovations. I enjoy working with youth and offering them an opportunity to learn hands-on life skills that have served me well in life. These skills not only include safe woodworking tool usage but also how to work with a peer and be an effective member of a work crew. We all gain great satisfaction by learning to build projects with our hands that we find useful in life.

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