Sweet Apple Elementary

FV: Jeffrey “J” Prothero

J. Prothero

Just outside of Pittsburgh and after high school, I started a small business and worked my way through college by painting houses. Here, I studied Finance for the sole purpose of knowing what to do with my paycheck once I entered ‘the real world’. After dabbling in post-graduate studies in MIS and Computer Science, I became totally bored with school. It was time for me to head out in pursuit of a company whose opportunities matched my career objectives. In hardware sales, the first five years of boot camp were with AT&T and suitably prepared me for having my own business again, coincidentally in the Finance space. Some 25 years later, I left the company I started so that I could explore my longing to teach and work with kids. By then, it was late 2014 where I found myself perfectly situated at Roswell High School as a parent volunteer for the brand new Construction Technology program. Here, I fell in love with the opportunity to be a part of something truly great that had the potential to impact hundreds of kids, many lacking a personal connection to public school.  So, here I am… never before happier… and a member of an awesome team of Toolbox volunteers who want to teach kids, wherever they are, what they are capable of when they build with their own hands. It is my belief that all the while they are building with their hands, so too are they building confidence and pride, two things that are imperative to our overarching hope for all children. And, that hope is for them to simply ‘be happy’.

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