Roswell North Elementary

Adopted by the good people from:
Roswell Presbyterian Church

Vice Volunteer (VV): Steve Morgan

Volunteer Curriculum Instructor (VCI):  Steve Morgan

When Jim Owen, a fellow Roswell Presbyterian Church member told me about a children’s construction skills class, I was excited to get involved in Toolbox. Growing up I loved using my hands to take things apart and to build things. I had a shop class and a drafting class in my teen years, and I learned key skills to build things and to design and draw home construction plans.  Plus, I learned how to use various hand tools and power tools. These experiences provided me with a strong foundation on how things are made and built. Toolbox reminds me of those years and how excited I was learning these basic skills and what I could accomplish with my hands and mind. I want the students to experience this same excitement when creating and building and learning new skills that will last them a lifetime. Toolbox provides these new skills and expands students’ knowledge in a fun format, and it is exciting to see the students achieve these when completing various Toolbox projects.

Volunteer Curriculum Instructor (VCI): Jim Owen

When Toolbox founder J Prothero approached me about getting involved with Toolbox I was hesitant but very interested to learn more. Having recently retired from a 40 plus year career in Information Technology I was moving into the next phase of my life and looking to make a difference in the community. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and working with kids so Toolbox was a great fit. In my early 20s I worked a few years for a home remodeling company so I learned basic skills in building and construction. These skills have helped me my entire life and I am thrilled to share these skills with the students. I find it very satisfying to see the students work hard and complete a construction project. Besides learning new skills, Toolbox teaches the kids discipline, hard work, and teamwork. Toolbox provides new skills that will last the students a lifetime and I’m excited to be a part of that.

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