Medlock Bridge Elementary

Adopted by the good people from:

Knights of Columbus

Volunteer Curriculum Instructor  (VCI): Bob Lehrer

I have been married for 57 years, a father of three successful children and four wonderful granddaughters (16, 14,12 and 8). I worked 34 years as a mechanical engineer and project manager.

I Retired in 2000 and worked five more years as a Construction Manager for Habitat for Humanity-North Central Georgia, volunteering weekly ever since. Worked on more than 300 houses locally and around the world.

My hobby is woodworking, and love creating in my woodshop. I have worked with volunteers of all ages and love teaching and coordinating work. My elementary school in NJ offered shop class to fourth graders. I still Remember my first project, a notepad holder. That inspired me to take shop every year through eighth grade. My dad taught me how to dig a hole for an outhouse, carpentry, plumbing, and auto mechanics. He could fix anything. That experience made me proficient with hand tools and prepared me to maintain and modify my homes.

The Young Apprentice Construction program can do the same thing for the Medlock Bridge Elementary School students. They will be comfortable using hand tools and basic power tools. They will learn the value of working with their hands and creating things out of basic materials.

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