As a 100% volunteer organization, volunteering at Toolbox is incredibly unique in that nobody in the company is paid a single penny. Nevertheless, every Toolbox volunteer gets paid handsomely just from knowing that the work they perform is enriching the lives of our youth who sorely need curriculums that teach them how to build with their hands.

There are countless ways that you too can volunteer with Toolbox, Inc. (a GA-registered 501c3 non-profit). Please send us a short message describing how, in the most ideal situation, you might see yourself volunteering at Toolbox, such that you find yourself never happier …and never more fulfilled.

Perhaps you can offer experience in one of these areas:

Accounting Analytics Classroom Instruction Clerical Curriculum Instruction Communications Digital Media Fabrication Fundraising Grant Writing Human Resources Leading People Legal Logistics Marketing Operations Procurement Public Relations Public Speaking Purchasing Quality Control Safety Strategic Planning Technical Writing Videography Website

Or, even: Something Else

Regardless, once we hear from you, we will do our best to respond in such a way, that we can begin to discuss turning what you consider as being ideal …into real.