By reading and completing all sections of “Permission to Participate”, and subsequently submitting it to Toolbox, Inc. electronically for acceptance, I hereby give you permission for my child to participate in the following school club:

    Young Apprentice Construction Club

    Via ZOOM, this club will meet virtually on Mon Feb 01, Wed Feb 03 and Mon Feb 08. The club begins at 3:30 PM, lasts up to 75 minutes, and is limited to 10 students.

    I understand that my child will not be allowed to participate in this club if:

    • My child’s behavior in the club does not meet school expectations,
    • and, or, my child has three or more office referrals for the current grading period,
    • and, or, my child receives an Out of School Suspension.


    I understand that my child is signing up for a Fulton County Schools sponsored club which meets for three sessions as outlined above. I also understand that this program is a parent/ student BUDDY TEAM model which requires my dedicated participation; I, therefore promise to attend all three sessions in order to participate in full support of my child.

    In this role, I hereby pledge and furthermore promise to inspect all of my child’s homework, the first of which is to be completed BEFORE the first day of club (see Day-00 below). I further promise to tutor her/him whenever necessary, so that she/he might learn the intended curriculum presented in the various short term videos which make up much of the Young Apprentice Construction Club programming.

    The homework is as follows:

    Day-00: Tools and Materials Lab which introduces students to all of the tools and materials that are involved in making the ‘PERFECT TOOLBOX’ project possible.

    Day-01: Tape Measure Lab-1 teaching students how to read a Tape Measure, including all of the lines and fractions between the whole numbers. Additionally, is Tape Measure Lab-2, which provides solid practice at using a tape measure.

    Day-02: Speed Square Lab, which teaches kids how to properly measure, mark, and draw a line on wood using a Speed Square and Tape Measure. Additionally, is the 4-video suite of “PERFECT TOOLBOX” videos which pace students through the build of their ‘PERFECT TOOLBOXES’.

    I promise to watch all videos WITH MY CHILD before my child attempts any construction of their ‘PERFECT TOOLBOX’. Also, I promise to watch the videos in order and follow the instructions outlined in each until the ‘PERFECT TOOLBOX’ is completed.

    As my child’s BUDDY, I will never permit my child to work on this project without my full presence, full attention, and full assistance. However, I understand that I am NOT to use any of the tools. Those are for the exclusive use of my child so that she/he is the only one to solely build the ‘PERFECT TOOLBOX’.

    Last of all, I PROMISE to return the tools and materials borrowed from Toolbox, Inc., so that my child could participate in this virtual experience. I will return all tools (1- Bench Hook, 1-Torx Screwdriver, 1-Phillips Screwdriver, 1-Speed Square, 1-Tape Measure) and all materials (1-bottle of glue, 1-Crayon, 1-Large Plastic Bag, and any left-over screws) to the school in the same orange Home Depot bag which contained these materials when we picked up our “Kit” at The Home Depot. I will return all no later than Saturday, Feb 13, 2021.

    ALL videos are available on-line. BUDDY TEAMS can refer to them for instruction and guidance at any time by visiting the Toolbox Library at


    Throughout your child’s participation in the Young Apprentice Construction Club, many companies and organizations in our community have sent volunteers, donated goods and/or services, and have shown their support for this initiative. We would like to document the success of the program by taking pictures or videos of action during the club which may include your child.

    With your consent, these images of the activities your child is participating in may be publicized through local or national media to promote the initiative of having this type of program at the elementary school level.

    YES I grant permission for my child to be photographed or filmed at any activities sponsored by the Young Apprentice Construction Club for the resulting images, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images, to be used for publicity, promotional, and/or educational purposes. I also waive all claims for compensation for their use. Use of the images may occur in any of the following: newspapers, newsletters, brochures, social media, website pages, other media sources. I further understand that some or all of such photographed or videotaped activities can be used by Fulton County Schools, *Toolbox, Inc., and/or those companies and associations supporting Toolbox, Inc., such as, but not limited to, the Association of General Contractors of Georgia, Construction Education Foundation of Georgia, The Home Depot, Lummus Supply Company, Rotary Club of Roswell, Georgia, Inc., as well as any and all other supporters of Toolbox, Inc., whether that support be volunteer or monetary now or in the future.

    NO, my child may not be photographed or filmed during any activities sponsored by the local school in regards to the Young Apprentice Construction Club.

    I hereby submit the following information as the Parent/ Guardian submitting this Permission to Participate:



    After reviewing this entire Permission to Participate and submitting it electronically, to Toolbox, Inc., I hereby ask that by doing so it represent my signature affirming that all information provided by me as the parent/guardian named above is accurate and that it furthermore acknowledges my complete understanding and acceptance of all terms and conditions as stated herein.

    *Toolbox, Inc. is a 100% volunteer-based organization. All parties associated with Toolbox, Inc. are therefore unpaid and receive no monies for the volunteer services rendered. Furthermore, Toolbox, Inc. charges no fee whatsoever for these services; its services are free to Fulton County Schools and all of its students, as are the use of all equipment furnished and all project materials provided.